With the massive amount of data currently available for hotels, hoteliers often need to extract all kind of data from many reports available on PMS. Cross-analysis also can be a headache because not all reports currently available on PMS could cater the needs of hoteliers. Report creation also taking too much time and resources, in which can be invested in other way. In Cerebro, we are dedicated to create a business intelligence that can cater all your needs of hotel reports and insights; fully interactive, automatically update, and hassle-free. So, lets start implementing business intelligence to your property, and watch your business grow higher than before.

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PT. Kreasi Teknologi Data was built based on vision that our products and services can empower people in using data to enhance decision making process. Since then, everything we do, whether it is to maximize customer business efficiencies, optimizing customer spend and time, etc – it all revolves back to fulfil that vision. More About Us >


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